Assistant Professor | Ph.D.
Emotion analysis, sentiment analysis, and automatic text document summarization

Department of Computer Science

I am a researcher in computational linguistics, which means I  am interested in computer systems that understand, produce, and translate human language, as well as in the mathematical and algorithmic theory underlying them. I also design statistical models and algorithms to extract information from text for computer systems to effectively learn and perform descriptive, predictive, and classification tasks. I have done a bit of research on Emotion analysis, sentiment analysis, and automatic text document summarization. My research includes developing deep learning models in Pytorch and machine learning using different Python libraries.

I have a PhD from the Department of Computer Science, University of Kashmir, India. I have been working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science, South Campus, University of Kashmir, for the last ten years.

I have worked on several projects, including Sentiment Analysis, Emotion Analysis, Bootstrapping for Opinion Mining, Text Summarization, and Semantic model generation at the SimplyPhi software solutions and the University of Kashmir

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