Urdu is the representative language of the Muslims of the sub-continent and the national / official language of Jammu and Kashmir and the lingua franca between its three linguistically different regions -Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh. This language has a rich heritage and a high influence to attract people towards it. Urdu is one of the most widely spoken languages of South Asia, and has acquired a wider distribution in other parts of the world, notably the UK, US, UAE where most Muslims from Pakistan and northern India regard it as their major cultural language.

The Department of Urdu South campus is an extension of the main campus Urdu Department of Kashmir University. The department of main campus was established in 1958, and is one of the oldest departments of the University. The department was the first Urdu department of the Indian Universities that was approved as the Department of Special Assistance (DSA) by the University Grants Commission. The one among the first three Departments of the University. The first department of the University & the first Urdu department of Indian universities which celebrated its Silver and Golden Jubilee. The first and only department of the University whose two faculty members became Vice-chancellors. The First department of the University whose faculty member had the chance to become Union Minister. The first department of the University whose faculty has the largest number of publications since its inception.

In view of this prosperity to widen its role in other parts of the state an immediate need was felt by the university authority so the Department of Urdu South Campus was established and is patronized by Prof. Dr. Bashir Ahmad Nehvi, a renowned scholar of the state. The department has been established recently in October 13, 2014. The fresh batch started with the number of 52 students, 40 open merits, and 12 self-finance. In 2015, the number of students enhanced to 57.

The Department of Urdu started with a view to promote its language and literature and started M.A. classes regularly with a rich, comprehensive syllabus. Masters in Urdu (M U) is two years course with four semesters. The department is trying to cover all the related genres of the literature including eastern and western conceptual and critical theories and research areas.

The Department of Urdu, in its progressive quest has not only established liaisons with its counter parts in other universities, but the motive is to develop a literary culture with mutual understanding. Literature is the main pillar of any culture; after the passage of time, this becomes classical and provides the base for the new writers, so emphasis is given to the study of the classical literature with equal stress on teaching of modern literature, which is reflected from the syllabi of the department itself. Further, some additional papers have been introduced to the M.A. curriculum to study notable writers or disciplines in broader perspective.

The department’s main objective is to carry out original research to develop the field of knowledge.



To provide best writers/ authors and reformers, this could change the scenario of stagnating and distress situation. Who could make a significant contribution to the welfare and prosperity of the nation and the state.



The mission of the department is to promote Urdu language, literature and culture.
To confer official sooth of the Urdu language and make every possible effort towards it.
To promote the Urdu language as the language of knowledge, and Urdu literature as the literature of values.
To spread awareness about literary and cultural importance and relevance of the Urdu language and literature and culture in Jammu and Kashmir
To encourage educated and knowledgeable activities.
To support and undertake research projects, Seminars, Workshops and other concerned activities.



The Department regularly organizes students' seminars where both students and teachers interact on the given themes. This experience is becoming very useful to our students and the research scholars.

In the year of 2014, the department entitled “Allama Iqbal Day” organized a seminar. The chief guest on the occasion was Prof. Muhammad Ashraf (Dean Academic affairs. K U and Prof. Bashir Ahmad Nahvi (Director Of South Campus, Director of Iqbal Institute and Dean Faculty of Arts) many other dignities and eminent scholars participated on that occasion. Fortunately the eminent poet of Kashmir Jinab Mushtaq Kashmiri was present and he paid tribute to Allama Iqbal.

Department is organizing a special program “Bazme adab" where writers of all genres especially students get opportunity to bring out their talent . Faculty members of other departments are being invited to participate and share their thoughts. In the previous programs, students have presented their poems, Ghazals, short stories, Humorous Essays, and research papers. . Teachers well versed in writing look cautiously and judge their writings. For the upbringing of students, they also present their own writings.



The department has decided to publish a literary “Wall Magazine” . in order to develop writing skills of students.


Name Duration Capacity
M.A. Urdu 4 Semesters 50 + 15 Self- Financed Seats
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