South Campus was established in 2008 as the first satellite campus of the University of Kashmir at Fatehgarh, Anantnag in a breath-taking landscape, overlooking beautiful mountain range and serene valley.

Keeping the doors open for all, South Campus came into existence largely for the purpose of making higher education more accessible to our society. Over the years this Campus has become a preferred destination of students belonging to various parts of the Jammu and Kashmir, for Post Graduate degree programmes being offered in the disciplines of Business Administration, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, English, Education, M.Ed. and Urdu.


To make higher education more accessible to people particularly living in remote areas of South Kashmir for their socio-economic prosperity by focusing on Teaching & Learning, Research & Discovery, and Outreach & Engagement, aiming at creating, conveying, and applying knowledge for expanding Personal Growth and Opportunity, Advancing Social and Community Development, Foster Economic Competitiveness, and Improve the Quality of Life.


The Campus strives to achieve the status of being a Mini-University by 2025 with a major focus on Professional/ Job-Oriented courses with the purpose to provide access to a quality higher education experience that prepares a diverse community of learners to think critically, communicate effectively, demonstrate a global perspective and engage in lifelong learning and service to others.


Equal Opportunity

To increase enrolments in postgraduate degree courses particularly of local applicants with special emphasis on girl candidates who otherwise lack access to higher education.

Innovate & Expand

To introduce professional and job oriented courses to meet the growing demands for such courses in general & in South Kashmir in particular.

Facilitate Research

To develop research faculties for M. Phil and Ph. D degree programs.

Academic Excellence

Promote, enhance and recognize excellence in teaching, learning, creativity, scholarship, and research.

People and Resources

Recruit, develop, and retain talented people and ensure that the Campus has the human, financial, and technical capacity to advance its mission

University Infrastructure

Maintain and enhance the physical, financial, and human resources necessary to fulfill its mission

Community Engagement

Partner with the community to better serve the needs of the Nation and the region.


The Values that support our operating practices include

Leadership in Mission

Understanding, accepting and supporting the mission of the campus and fosters values consistent with that mission.


Striving for Excellence in everything we do by continuously cultivating our Intellectual, Physical & Spiritual growth.


Taking responsibility and ownership for decisions, actions and results. Accountable for both how and what is accomplished.


Working cooperatively as a member of a team and committing to the overall team objectives rather than own interests.


Demonstrating honest and ethical behavior that displays a high moral standard being widely trusted, respected and honored.