• Dated: 31-05-2018
  • Venue: Conference Hall,Distance Block
  • Organized By: Department of Education

The Department of Education, South Campus, Anantnag University of Kashmir organized a guest lecture on 31 May 2018 Thursday at Auditorium Hall, South Campus, Anantnag. Ms Lopa ShahEducational Designer known for her expertise in educational design and innovations acted as the resource person. The guest lecture was aimed at providing students an opportunity to learn emerging trends and innovations in educational design.

Lopa Shah  focused on the theme Education as Enquiry’  wherein she demonstrated how teachers as explorers can develop better understanding of the learners and subsequently design their intervention to make learning joyful and effective.

Participants mainly from MEd programme were involved in number of group activities to practice the art of exploring a learners psychology and then plan the pedagogical intervention in accordance with the aims and objectives of particular lesson. The guest lecture provided new insights about both nature of learner as well as process of learning. Ms Shah aptly connected Blooms Taxonomy of Instructional Objectives by involving students in participatory assignments in which students showed lot of interest and activism to relate theoretical knowledge with actual practice. The lecture was very interactive and there were lot of learning for the students to sharpen their abilities and develop and adapt learner friendly approaches and attitudes to make teaching learning effective.