About Us

To be one of the leading labraries in the state offering rich and varied forms of reading meterial conserving the richness of our inheritance for our posterity and delivering resources in userfriendly manner, responding actively not only to the demands of varied needs of its students, but also striving to become the scholarly heart of the South Kashmir Region and a magnet for intellectually curious.


Our library aspires to have the full spectrum of the collections of nearly seventyfive thousand by 2025 in multiple formats, providing access to informaiton worldwide and to foster an environment conducive to academic inquiry, scholarly communication, creativ achievement, and lifelong learning.


South Campus's Library commits to the following values:

  • Learning : Advocate learning as a primary library principle in all interactions
  • Meeting Needs: Assess needs and provide services and/or needed resources, accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Stewardship: Acquire,preserve,and protect human & information resources and maintain physical facilities to enhance the learning environment.
  • Creativity: Take the initiative, be dynamic & innovative in meeting student's needs of learning & education.
  • Interdependence : Colloborate to foster partnerships & outreach to the larger community to ensure/enhace successfull operation & accountibility.
  • Modern Technology : Provide state of art electronic access and information delivery systems.
  • Conservation : Preserve "The Best That has been Thought and Said" in human culture as an archival obligation to future generations.

Department Wise Collection of Resources

DepartmentVolume(Number of Books/References)
Department of Management Studies 3789
Department of Urdu 3684
Department of Computer Sciences 3550
Department of Mathematics 3258
Department of Education 2995
Department of English 2649
Institute of Nursing 1792
Other 908
Institute of Paramedical Sciences 116

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Library Facilities

Browsing Center

In browsing center students/employees can surf Internet using their log-in credentials provided by Kashmir University IT Cell.

E-resource Collection

The library has access to all e-resources subscribed by Allama Iqbal Library, University of Kashmir